Do You Have These Invasive Trees?

July 9, 2024

For the most part, trees are wonderful. They prevent erosion, provide oxygen, clean our air, and add beauty to our landscapes. However, not all trees are created equal.

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Summer Watering Alert

June 19, 2024

It has been dry and hot for a few days with continued high temperatures and no rain in the forecast. Please continue to water your newly planted stock from this […]

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Top 6 Gardening Mistakes and Pitfalls

April 22, 2024

As natural landscaping experts, we come across many mistakes made in the garden. We have compiled a list of 6 common gardening mistakes and pitfalls. 1. Poor Planning 2. Planning […]

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Our 10 Favorite Native Plants

August 10, 2023

After over 40 years of natural landscape design in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have selected our 10 favorite native plants. Plants were chosen not just on beauty, but for lower maintenance, fragrance, beauty […]

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Plants Favored by Pollinators

April 29, 2023

You’ve probably seen the signs, ‘Save the Bees’. Over the last decade, bees and other important pollinators have become increasingly endangered. Not only are people using more pesticides on their […]

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