Top 6 Gardening Mistakes and Pitfalls

July 18, 2016
gardening mistakes

As natural landscaping experts, we come across many mistakes made in the garden. We have compiled a list of 6 common gardening mistakes and pitfalls. Click the links to learn more about these problems and the possible solutions.

1. Poor Planning

The most important word for planning a project is just that — planning.

2. Planning for Only One Season

In the planning process, it’s important to include the entire calendar year. Do you want to spend hours creating a garden that looks lovely in the spring, only to find that it is void of interest in the fall and winter?

3. Failure to Accommodate for Slopes

Before any planting, determine if you need the addition of a retaining wall or boulders to hold the soil.

4. Failure to Accommodate for Different Soil

Who thinks about soil before they plant?  In fact, it’s a really important consideration.

5. Use of Plants Susceptible to Deer and Rodents

Many “deer resistant” plants exist, but there is no guarantee that they will work.

6. Failure to Account for Plant Growth

Many builders and homeowners tend to plant too close to buildings, so there’s not enough room for them to grow.

What are some of your biggest gardening mistakes?

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