Flagstone Walkways & Pathways

Flagstone walkway surrounded by garden design

Flagstone Walkways & Pathways by Naturescapes

Naturescapes Landscape Specialists’ walkways, pathways, and stepping stones in your landscaping design will enhance your interactions with the natural environment.

A pathway may lead to your front door, create a link to a hidden garden, or weave around your backyard patio. Our gorgeous walkways are fluid with curves, inviting exploration and curiosity.

We use locally sourced, indigenous stones, making your hardscaping design a natural extension of your garden. 

Our walkways combine beautiful garden designs with uniquely cut stepping stones, usually flagstone or fieldstone. The simple and natural designs are easy to maintain throughout the year.

Flagstone is commonly split into three types — irregular cut, thermal cut, and square cut. Irregular and square cut flagstone consist of the same material in different shapes. A thermal cut is a bit thicker and more uniform. Fieldstone is rougher than flagstone and may complement a rustic look well.

Whether square-cut or irregular bluestone, tumbled flagstone or flat fieldstone, our walkways and pathways provide an organic way to enjoy your natural landscape design.

Take a look at some different types of walkways and stairs:

View our pathway gallery. 

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