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I just wanted to say thank you for such a remarkable job and such a quick turnaround. The electricians finished the job today and now that it’s dark the lights are awesome. We really are so very happy with everything. Thank you again for everything and I can’t wait to see how the property develops with the years of growth to come!

-Kenny T. (October 2017)

The Naturescapes team is truly creative and professional. Their work is impeccable.

John is a great landscape designer and he takes in the consideration all of the sightlines and possibility when he makes a proposal. Once on site, they continued to come up with ideas to make it even better that really made the job work for our home.

The jobs we have done include hardscapeing and landscaping. Because they have such high quality equipment, they are able to complete jobs very quickly, minimizing disruption for the customer.

The team has worked together for some time and are very nice and respectful with the customer.

John and the team focus on getting it right and will come back to make adjustments as needed. Thank you! You will be our first call, next time we need something done.

-Karen B. (September 2017)

I’ve used Naturescapes for two large projects two years in a row that basically redid all the landscaping around my house. They put an emphasis on using plants that will thrive in this area and in the specific locations they are going, taking into consideration the light, drainage etc. The designs are just beautiful and provide color and interest year round with a nice variety of different plantings plus just the right amount of hardscaping. Everyone who visits the house comments on how beautiful it is.

-Stew L. (September 2017)

We just had Naturescapes for the first time. They did a big job for us restoring plantings after a large tree fell causing extensive damage to our house and property and the construction crews fixing the house damaged a whole lot more. John and his crew designed and installed the new plantings. It is beautiful and just what we needed. We could not be more pleased. They went above and beyond, were neat, courteous, and a pleasure to have around. Thanks John!

-Annette V. (September 2017)

I am happy to recommend Naturescapes. I view John and his team as a “Landscape Solution”. John worked with me from design and installation of all of the beds surrounding my house, to helping with watering to be sure my landscaping project is successful. My experience is that John and his team are professional and kept to the schedule and quality as promised. I can easily give them my highest rating.

-Michael P. (September 2017)

Our backyard looks great. The Naturescapes team responded to late changing requests in a very courteous and prompt manner. The team came in and completed what we thought was a two day job in one day. Very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable.

Luke F. (September 2017)

John and his team did a wonderful job and they definitely exceeded expectations. John gave me a comprehensive proposal for the project and transformed our 20 year old uninspired, overgrown foundation beds. In addition, he added steps / walkway to access the back yard. I absolutely recommend Naturescapes!

-Mary W. (August 2017)

Naturescapes has done a great job on our property. We added a new cedar fence around our house that has made it look beautiful. Well done and so fast, 1 day! ( weather was perfect for that to happen:)
Can’t imagine our house without it now:)

– Natalie S. (June 2017)

Last year Naturescapes helped us improve our backyard by ripping out part of our driveway and putting in some arbor vitae and other plants. Its amazing to see how the area they planted has held up compared to the other areas we planted ourselves. It looks noticeably better than anywhere else on the property. It was also nice to see some plants bloom in the summer and fall instead of just the spring. Very nice work.

– Charlie S. (June 2017)

John and his team have been caring for our property for over 25 years. They always do a great job- great design, great plants and attention to detail.

– Carol C. (May, 2017)

Naturescapes just completed a retaining rock wall and garden along our driveway. This was the second beautiful garden John and his amazing crew has done for us. They place huge boulders with such precision, so that everything has such a great feel to it. Amazing curb appeal! I can’t stay out of my garden! Thank you.

– Karen K. (May 2017)

Naturescapes did a wonderful job creating new garden beds along the front of our home. I interviewed several landscapers and chose John because I was looking for a company that would do high quality work and give us something interesting and really beautiful. One thing to note is that John’s initial design fee is reasonable, and he came up with a detailed proposal complete with pictures of all the plants he was recommending. “Right plant, right place” is the motto, and so some things were ruled out because we have deer. The crew was professional and did a great job. John was on site the entire time and everything came together beautifully. The end result is varied yet balanced and we are excited to see things start to bloom in the coming weeks.

– Erin C. (May 2017)

Naturescapes has done 3 different jobs for us now. John and his team do very nice work! They are professional and on time. Our property looks much better since the improvements have been made. I would highly recommend Naturescapes for your next outdoor project!

– Kate B. (December 2016)

THANK YOU! What a special surprise delivered to our front door! Many thanks for the Amaryllis bulb – all planted and ready to watch grow through the winter! And the fresh new ‘designer’ towel is now hanging in our kitchen. STILL delighted with our new walkways. Wishing you all the peace of this beautiful season.

– Judith G. (December 2016)

John and his crew did an excellent job on my front footpath entrance. It was exactly what I imagined and fitted in well with our natural rustic look. I’m so happy every time I walk on it. It went from ugly duckling to swan. He also rebuilt our compost heap area and installed 3 flower beds with screen trees and shrubs. The work was completed in a very timely manner, and everything looks great. We’ve experienced an extreme heatwave recently, but all plantings are doing well with recommended watering. I highly recommend Naturescapes.

– Sharon W. (August 2016)

John and his crew did a great job in very hot weather. They arrived right on time and did everything that we agreed needed to be done to fix our basement leak. The work was very professionally performed and after all the rain we have recently received, was done with quality results. Thanks, Naturescapes!

– Bob W. (July 2016)

Hi John. Just thought I would let you know that my parents’ memorial garden is just beautiful. The red cut leaf maple has a beautiful form and the fringe tree is abundant in flowers. Thank you so much!

– Lakshmi H. (May 2016)

Naturescapes designed a garden to help hold a hillside and keep it from eroding two years ago. The result continues to be both functional and beautiful. The work was done on time and budget with a real understanding of terrain and the plants that would work best.

– Marion G. (March 2016)

Wow. We had Naturescapes design and install a walkway. It is even more beautiful than what I was picturing. I appreciate John working with me on different ideas with different price points without sacrificing quality. I will definitely call him for my next outdoor job!

– Jane (January 2016)

John and Sally:

And it is our hope that you are enjoying this season of joy. We can not thank you enough for the wonderful site you created for the community at Wilson Farm Park. People marvel at the results and it gives us a great feeling of accomplishment that we were able to bring this project to fruition with the help of the ENTIRE Naturescapes team.

We wish you much joy and success in the New Year.

– Bill Bellew (December 2015)

It was as if John knew what I wanted. Everything looks beautiful, neat and airy. He repaired/rebuilt our pond. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the sounds of the waterfall. His crew is exceptional. I look forward to working with him next spring.

– Bryn C. (December 2015)

After years of being disappointed with other landscapers’ work, Naturescapes has transformed our backyard gardens into a visual delight.Thank you John Fridy!

– Peter M. (September 2015)

Naturescapes designed a garden to help hold a hillside and keep it from eroding two years ago. The result continues to be both functional and beautiful. The work was done on time and budget with a real understanding of terrain and the plants that would work best.

– Marion G (September 2015)

My husband and I recently moved into a retirement community where dreadful, look-alike landscaping, compounded by very rocky soil, sent me to Naturescapes for help. They had landscaped my daughter’s home in Radnor 15 years ago and even after all these years. the plantings and easy care maintenance had continued to enhance her property. Our own recent Naturescapes landscaping, both front and back, is the talk of our neighborhood. John Friday is a knowledgeable horticulturalist, and directed every step of the process with great professionalism and beautiful results.

– W. F. (March 2015)

My property looks amazing. I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome and the service. I would use them again, for sure!

– Jennifer G (March 2015)

We are so happy that we chose you to enhance the land where we live

– David

Your sense of form, place, color and compatibility is amazing and following your lead was worth the trip.

– Jenny

Many thanks for your services!

– Hedy & Joe

Thank you! Great job as always and the garden is beautiful and colorful. What a joy – thank you!

– Customer

Thank you again for your beautiful work! “AngelList” will receive a glowing report on Naturescapes from us!!

– Chris

Thank you so much for all the amazing work. Needless to say, I can’t wait for spring!

– Ginger

The project came out better than expected! Thanks for another awesome transformation!

– Customer

The Garden Club of Bala Cynwyd congratulates you for the handsome planting of your bank along Darby-Paoli Road. You give pleasure in all seasons to those hurrying by. You inspire us to give more thought to opportunities to give pleasure without thought of return. Thank You.

– Garden Club of Bala Cynwyd

What a beautiful surprise when I arrived home and saw the landscaping! It really looks fabulous.

– Gilda

My husband and I were over at my Mother’s house in Devon for dinner tonight. You had given her an Amaryllis for Christmas for work you had done on her property in 2012. She is so pleased with the Amaryllis and said it has had 15 blooms already!

– Sally, West Chester

Thank you–look froward to your work– Joan loves her gardens. Should we count on you for fall & spring clean ups?

– John

The project came out better than we expected. Thanks for another awesome transformation!

– Customer

I’m sitting in my side patio on this beautiful afternoon and I can’t take my eyes away from the Gardens. Fabulous John, you should stop over and see your work

– Les L

Thanks so much for your continued investment in affordable housing! Eight families are working on their new homes in Coatesville (in the same development where you did landscaping) in anticipation of moving in next summer. Your generosity makes the good work possible; thank you again for providing a hand up to those in need!

– Jason / Habitat for Humanity of Chester County

Thank you John! It looks great!

– Bet, Broomall

We just got done a large landscaping project using Naturescapes. Our experience with them was nothing but wonderful. They were professional, dependable and respectful of our wishes. We plan to continue to work with them!

– Jennifer G.

John really knows his stuff! And his patience is remarkable because we weren’t the easiest customers to deal with, I’m sure. But we stuck with him, and boy are we glad we did!

– Jim B.

Dear John,  My amaryllis is gorgeous!  I have so enjoyed watching it grow and now seeing it against a very snowy window view.  I even have another little bud starting up from the bulb.  After watching all that beauty, the guilt trip begins.  I will try very hard to follow all the instructions so that I may see this beautiful flower again.  I hope you don’t have to come in the spring to save its life.  Thank you for sending this at Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the spring.

– Julie L.

John’s done a fantastic job adding life to our landscape. The placement of each and every plant was very well thought out and all the compliments we’ve received thus far are a tribute to his imagination and creativity. Keep up the great work!

– Scott