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My experience with Naturescapes has been nothing but EXCEPTIONAL. From the initial design stage, through execution, John Fridy and his hard working, professional crew have done an amazing job!! John looks at your property as an artistic palette and transforms it into something SO serene and magical. Every boulder/stone he brings in adds dimension, color and purpose to its placement in the gardens. I swear he must have a magic wand when he and the team built the most beautiful pond into my garden landscape.  He will finish it off with an artistic nightscape to illuminate the uniqueness of your gardens, pond & trees. I miss having the fun, energetic crew around my home!

—Sharon D., June 2023

We couldn’t be happier with our new landscaping! John and his team totally transformed the front of our house. Would totally recommend him and would use him again on a future landscape redo! We love it!

—Jane C., June 2023

Couldn’t be happier with our garden landscaping project. It is truly a transformation. The work crew were hardworking and courteous and gave 110% effort. John was there to supervise the entire project. I will use him again for our next landscaping project!

—George M., September 2022

I called John because I’d seen several examples of his work and always liked what I saw. I also like that he incorporates native and pollinator-friendly plants in his designs. Our flower beds needed to be refreshed and we wanted to add landscaping around the sunroom. The photos do not do justice to John’s work. He created a beautiful backyard retreat that winds around the back and side of the house with a variety of plants to provide 3 seasons of color. We are delighted with the result! John and his entire crew were friendly and professional and a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them!

—Joan S., August 2022

In 2019, developers clear-cut 200+ acres of old-growth woods in the back of our West Goshen property to build large “Estate Homes” right on our line. Not wanting to plant a fence of Arborvitae, we decided to enrich our grove of old-growth trees, ferns, and pachysandra already on our property and make it a very special place. (And make the estate homeowners, who have no trees, envious.)
Part I. In 2020, we hired John Fridy and NatureScapes to do some initial planting which included 3 Nellie Stevens Hollies, Viburnums and some great boulders.
Part II. This summer, 2022, John again brought his “A-Team” to add a natural, winding, flagstone path through the grove as well as adding two Dogwoods and a Redbud.
To say we’re ecstatic is an understatement. The estate houses still loom in the back, but the focal point is now our enchanted grove. Our vision has become reality as John’s artistry, creativity and knowledge have exceeded our expectations. And as an extra bonus, two of our grandchildren visited last week and immediately began to hopscotch through the winding flagstone path, only stopping to find the small concrete statue of the elf nestled in the ferns. Thank you, John!

—Sally & Tom, August 2022

Thank you for our beautiful landscaping this year. Looking forward to see the bulbs bloom in the spring and watching all my bushes and trees grow.

—Alisa C., November 2021

We spoke with 3 companies and picked John and Naturescapes. We wanted native plants in the front and back of the house and at the top of the driveway. We also needed a walkway and plants to manage water run off and hide a well head and the generator. John was easy to work with. We love what he has done and receive many compliments. John designed a perennial landscape, with a lot of color and texture, that is fun to watch as it changes throughout the year. The birds, bees and butterflies love the gardens too!

—Angela F., October 2021

We’ve been very happy with Naturescapes who redid our landscaping. It feels like a whole new yard! It’s very rare for the person who designs/does the estimate to personally show up and do the work, but that is John Fridy and his professional team. Great communication and attention to detail. Highly recommend.

—Laura B., September 2021

If you are needing a landscaping project, please call John at Naturescapes, your one-stop shop for quality design/build landscaping. John listened to what we wanted, and then his professional team transformed our backyard. It was overgrown and haphazard, and in less than three days it turned into our sanctuary. I also liked that the team worked so well together and shared a supportive comradery. John hires the right people and nurtures them as well as the gardens he creates. It also shows in the equipment; trucks and bobcats are well maintained.

—Customer, August 2021

After 20 years in our house, it was time to rethink our landscaping, and John and his great team did a wonderful job of giving us a makeover. He executed a plan which kept what made sense to keep, took out what was not, and introduced new plants, shrubs, trees, rocks, and more, which have certainly improved the look and our enjoyment of the property. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and the friendly and professional way that John conducts his business. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

—Graham W., May 2021

John and his crew were great. Very professional, efficient, and high-quality work. This was our first landscaping project and we couldn’t be happier. The front and side yards look beautiful. I highly recommend John and his team to anyone looking to transform their yards.

—Patty M., May 2021

Our property would never look as good as it does without the help of Naturescapes. Our trees are healthy and beautiful and the perennials are so welcoming. Quality work with excellent customer service. Highly recommended!!

—Natalie S., May 2021

John and the team did a fantastic job of updating my front yard, over many years the pachysandra and weeds had taken over. It’s beautiful now. My neighbors like it, too!

—Sandra B., April 2021

John created a beautiful landscape of natural plants all around my house that was a mix of color, texture, size, and a stunning pond in my back yard. The landscaping totally complemented my house. Once I saw his finished work, I realized that he is much more than a landscaper. John is a landscape architect who creates a beautiful, calming sense of place in the environments of all his clients. Once you see his work, you will never go back to a traditional landscaper.

—Catherine K., December 2020

Our first landscape project with Naturescapes is now complete and we could not be happier! The design was professional while being flexible to meet our personal requests for minor changes. The team was prompt, polite, and professional all while demonstrating good teamwork! We expect to do more business with Naturescapes in the near future. Thank you John for all of your thoughts and recommendations!

—Joe D., November 2020

We had a shady, muddy, sloping side yard that wouldn’t grow grass, causing rainwater to flow into our neighbor’s driveway. In addition, we had a “controlled wild” grove in our back yard that had a lot of tall tulip trees, but no texture or lower shrubbery. On his first visit to our home, John walked our property and spoke with us about our concerns. He finished his visit spending time alone imagining our new gardens. On his second visit, John presented us with a detailed proposal including color pictures of all the quality, native, deer resistant specimens. The project took 2 days with John and his team of 4 men, who arrived with a large dump truck as well as a front-end loader to bring in the awesome boulders. We were both impressed with John’s knowledge, creativity and work ethic as well as with his team. John not only saw my dreams and visions but had the ability to interpret them through nature. We can hardly wait for next Spring to see the bulbs filling in around the new growth, watching both areas blending into nature and creating more shelter for the woodland critters.

—Brandywine, October 2020

John and his wonderful crew just completed our second major landscaping job. Not only was it on time, but it was also done in such a professional manner! From the planning to planting it has exceeded our hopes! We feel incredibly lucky to have found Naturescapes! I will be thankful for John’s excellent knowledge and artistry for a very long time.

—Michael W., September 2020

John and Naturescapes did an awesome job at our home. He reworked existing spaces that were at our home when we purchased it and had been neglected for some time. He also created new spaces for us. He placed native plants that would require minimal care, yet make our yard and home a place for our family to enjoy spending quality time together.

—John H., August 2020

We hired Jon to redo the front walk and landscaping at our house 30 years ago. When we moved to a townhouse and wanted a nice front garden we called him again. His work is beautiful. He uses native plants and plants that give you color every season. The crew is very professional. I highly recommend Naturescapes.

—S. O., September 2020

We are sitting in our “new” yard on our first evening since John and his hard-working crew delivered on a vision we began discussing a year ago. The yard of our new home had flood issues, little proper landscaping, and a very sad lawn. We wanted to create a thriving natural habitat of wild grasses and flowers, as well as solve for the overwhelming flooding.

The first thing Naturescapes did was address the flooding. Patrick came over during major storms to understand the flow of the water. Their comprehensive plan to address this issue resolved it and allowed us to focus on creating our outdoor haven.

A gorgeous patio was created and thoughtfully selected plants were placed in the ground.

We are very very happy with the result and look forward to continuing to tend what Naturescapes began. We couldn’t recommend them and the team more.

—Nora, June 2020