Some of Our Favorite Spring Landscaping Projects

February 27, 2024

Spring has [almost] sprung, and with the birds chirping a little bit more, the sun staying up a little bit longer, and the memory of warm gardening days on our minds – we can’t help but reminisce about some of our favorite spring landscaping projects. Spring is a wonderful time to start planning your garden – or even to start imagining beautiful, natural landscaping that could add curb appeal to your home. We hope these past projects will provide some inspiration as you look forward to the months ahead!

Springtime Landscapes We Love

It is difficult to pick just a few of our favorite landscaping projects, as so many have been beautiful and our experience with each garden design has been unique. The ones we picked to highlight are specific ones to showcase the variety of designs and natural elements you can use for your home.

Creating a Flagstone Patio and Waterfall Feature in West Pikeland Township

For this homeowner, we were able to utilize the natural landscape to create a beautiful water feature. Using the hill next to their home, we created a pond waterfall that cascades downhill into a small pond. Around the pond, we added a custom flagstone patio – perfect for our clients to enjoy the new feature. You can learn more about how we created this landscape in this property profile.

Creating a Sunny Sitting Area in Wayne, PA

Sometimes, our favorite projects are simply adding space for clients to enjoy the outdoors or their garden areas. For this client, we got to do exactly that! When we started, the area was overrun with pachysandra and old-sheared shrubs. We removed the old and replaced it with beautiful new growth. We then utilized irregular flagstone to level out the area and create a tranquil garden patio. Check out the full project in this property profile.

New Front Yard Garden Bed and Pathway in Paoli

Of course – what we love the most is helping our clients design the gardens of their dreams. With this client, we were able to create a garden bed that added gorgeous greenery and a fresh look to their home. This home had a lot of grass and weeds that needed to be removed to make way for the low-maintenance garden. And, no magical garden is complete without a fairytale flagstone pathway leading to the backyard! Check it out in this property profile.

Tips for Spring Garden Designs

The planning starts now! We have a lot of clients who start planning their landscapes in mid-winter or early spring and work on them throughout the growing season. Whether they want to add a beautiful water feature, a patio to enjoy nature, or a low-maintenance natural landscape that adds curb appeal and beauty to their home, the end product starts with the planning. Here are our tips as you begin planning your spring gardens:

  • Consider your Space. You can’t plan a large, natural landscape with winding pathways if you live in a condo. Take a careful look at your outdoor space to determine its size, layout, and existing features. Consider factors such as sunlight exposure, soil quality, drainage, and any existing plants or structures that may impact your plans.
  • Find the Purpose. Clarify your goals and priorities for your garden or landscaping project. Are you looking to create a relaxing outdoor retreat, grow your own fruits and vegetables, or enhance curb appeal? Identifying your objectives will help guide your planning and decision-making process.
  • Consider Maintenance. Be realistic about the amount of time and effort you’re willing to invest in maintaining your garden or landscape. Choose plants and features that align with your maintenance preferences and schedule, and incorporate low-maintenance options where possible. At Naturescapes, we love recommending low-maintenance landscapes and know the right plants to help you achieve your goals.
  • Create a Design. Sketch out a rough design or layout for your garden or landscaping project. Consider factors such as plant placement, focal points, pathways, and outdoor living areas. Pay attention to scale and proportion to ensure a balanced and harmonious design.

See the Beauty in the Potential

If you don’t know where to start – that’s okay! Our team at Naturescapes would be thrilled to help you design the natural landscape or garden of your dreams. Garden planning is exciting and should be fun. Think of how much peace a serene landscape can bring into your life. While we love spring projects, we have a great time working with clients year-round. Whatever you decide, you have a team ready to help you design and execute! Schedule a design consultation today.