Creating a Flagstone Patio and Waterfall Feature in West Pikeland Township

March 25, 2021

After remodel This client had recently moved into a new home in West Pikeland Township. At their previous house, we created a pond waterfall that cascades over a retaining wall. This gave them much pleasure when they were on their patio.

They wanted us to recreate that waterfall feature and a new patio at their new home. Without having a retaining wall to work from, we decided to create a cascading stream on the hillside that emptied into a pond.

We began by stripping the grass from the hillside where the new stream, pond, and patio would be. We then built an irregular flagstone patio where they can relax, read and listen to the flowing water.

Then came the stream and pond. We dug the pond with several levels and created the stream with multiple pools with falls so the water would cascade from one to the other. All of these were lined and impregnated with rock so none of the liners was visible giving it a very natural look and feel. Landscape lighting was added with some unique reading fixtures so this family can read long into the evening. Shrubs, perennials, and bulbs were added to further naturalize the area.