Fall is a Great Time for Planting

August 28, 2017

Acer palmatum aconitifolium (FULL MOON MAPLE)

Fall is an excellent time to add to, completely redo or start a new ornamental garden. Some prefer it even to spring.

Effects of Cooler Air

As the air cools, most plants’ top growth (leaves and stems) stop growing or even lose their leaves.

The soil, however, stays warmer much longer which is favorable for root development. So as the top part of the plant is more dormant, the roots are actively growing.

How to Get the Most Out of the Warm Soil

The fall gardener can take advantage of this root development by adding mycorriza to the soil when planting. This addition is a work horse for the soil. It further stimulates root growth and is available in convenient powder form at most garden centers.

Actually, it’s an excellent addition any time you’re planting.

The plants planted in the fall benefit from the more frequent autumn rains and actually have a head start on material put in the next spring.

So get back out in your garden this fall and enjoy the spring time even more.


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