Bluestone Versus Flagstone: What’s The Difference?

October 22, 2020
Newtown Square Walkway

What is Flagstone?

Flagstone walkwayFlagstone is a sedimentary rock usually made of sandstone bound together by minerals like silica, calcite, or iron ore. The flat stone is perfect as a paving stone and is often used for walkway, patio, and wall projects. The stone can also be cut and shaped in a variety of ways, allowing for unique patterns.

Flagstone is known and loved for its rich texture in a broad range of colors – browns, grays, gold, and blues. It’s a great choice for a more rustic look, and it preserves a green and earthy element in your landscaped area.

Remember neither flagstone nor bluestone is slate which should not be used due to it being VERY slippery when wet and it delaminates quickly.

What is Bluestone?

Many may not know that bluestone is technically a form of flagstone. This sedimentary rock is formed by the fusing of particles deposited by rivers, oceans, and lakes. It typically has a moderately textured surface. Bluestone comes in bluish and gray shades, but ‘full color’ has other tones mixed in.

Bluestone is sturdier. It comes in natural cleft and select grades. It’s a bit more resilient against elements, making it weather-resistant. Bluestone guarantees a classic look, even among plants and other greenery.

The downside of bluestone? It’s a bit more expensive and has a more formal look.

Choosing Between Bluestone & Flagstone

If you’re still not sure which stone to use for your landscaping project, think of what your stone will be regularly exposed to. If the stone is near a pool, your best bet is to go with bluestone. It’s important to keep in mind that bluestone is a dark-colored stone that retains more heat than lighter colored flagstones and can be the more expensive option between the two.

When it comes down to it, both are great options and your final decision may be based on the overall look of the stone. The unique color of bluestone stands out in a landscape, while neutral flagstones blend in and become part of landscapes.

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