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How did your koi fare this winter? Our large koi were very special, a gift from a client who moved. Sadly none of them survived this winter.Usually the koi in our ponds (and yours) move very little and survive under the ice that forms on the pond during the cold winter months. This year with power outages […]


Naturescapes has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for our commitment to green power. We have joined the ranks of over 1,500 companies as a Green Power Partner. As a certified B Corporation, we  are committed to green solutions, which led us to choose green power with Clean Currents. We are focused on […]


We received this nice note from Jason, of the Habitat for Humanity of Chester County.  Naturescapes continually supports organizations that create positive change.

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As natural landscaping experts, we come across many mistakes made in the garden. We have compiled a list of 6 common gardening mistakes and pitfalls. Click the links to learn more about these problems and the possible solutions. 1. Poor Planning The most important word for planning a project is just that — planning. 2. Planning […]

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Take into account how large the plant will grow.  Its growth pattern is usually mentioned on the tags.  A dwarf plant will grow to two-thirds the size of its straight species parent.  Remember, overall growth includes height as well as breadth.  So, plant a spreading Yew far from the pathway, so that you don’t have […]


Here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have a lot of deer who love to munch on many different plants.  They are willing to dine on almost anything when they are hungry.  Many “deer resistant” plants exist, but there is no guarantee that they will work.  Not even deer fencing is 100% effective.  At some very large […]


Who thinks about soil before they plant?  In fact, it’s a really important consideration.  For example, if your soil is sandy, it will drain well and possibly too quickly.  Sandy soil lacks the nutrients of richer soils.  Loam is great for Rhododendrons and Azaleas, but Lavender won’t thrive.  The type of soil you have will […]


Another key to designing and implementing a beautiful garden improvement project is to work with the topography and geology. If your property has a steep hill, you cannot simply plant without addressing the issues inherent with the grade of the land.  Before any planting, determine if you need the addition of a retaining wall or […]


In the planning process, it’s important to include the entire calendar year. Do you want to spend hours creating a garden that looks lovely in the spring, only to find that it is void of interest in the fall and winter?  Take time to consider how your garden will look in every season and plan […]

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The most important word for planning a project is just that — planning. When designing a landscape, it is generally best to start with the basics.  What is the exposure?  Are any hardscapes (paved areas like streets and sidewalks) involved or when will they be constructed?  What kind of plants do you want?  Are they compatible […]

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