Reasons to Invest in Natural Landscaping

July 25, 2022

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More and more people are beginning to understand the value of natural landscaping. Not only can it be a more affordable way to beautify your yard, but natural landscaping helps local wildlife, and insects, and promotes a healthy habitat for all.

Why You Should Make the Switch to Native

Here are a few things to know if you are considering a switch to natural landscaping.

  1. Lowers the Carbon Footprint. Because these plants are locally sourced and grown, you can easily obtain them without added driving or shipping which cuts down on your overall carbon footprint.
  2. Restores the Natural Ecosystem. So much of our environment has been destroyed due to new highways, developments, toxins in the air, or introductions of harmful insects. Planting a natural landscape helps promote local fauna to restore what was lost. In addition, native bird populations will begin to flourish due to the food and nesting habitats being created by natural landscaping.
  3. Beautifies in Every Season. There is no reason that your beautiful landscape has to end with the season. Natural plants give homeowners the ability to enjoy beauty throughout the seasons with different plants blooming or becoming dormant at different times around the year.
  4. Discourages Soil Erosion. Because non-native plants are not meant for certain soil, these species can be a lot more harmful to the surrounding ecosystem than you might think. This includes affecting the soil and causing erosion.
  5. Promotes Long Plant Life. Native plants thrive in their home environments, this means that once you put in the time and energy initially, your native landscape will thrive for a lot longer than if you introduced new species to your garden. This cuts down on the overall maintenance of your plants.
  6. Decreases the Amount of Water Used. A huge benefit for anyone looking to cut their environmental footprint or decrease their water bill, native species typically require less water than new species that may be needier.

Trust the Native Plant Experts

At Naturescapes, we are passionate about enhancing the natural beauty around us. If you are ready to create a natural landscape in your backyard, please contact us for a free landscaping consultation.

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