Watering Alert

May 22, 2015
watering alert

We sent out a watering alert to our customers today because it has been a rather dry spring. Read the important message below:


John asked me to send out a watering alert. He thinks it’s ironic that after this cold winter our spring weather has been so dry. The last rain of any measurable amount was around April 20. Yes, it rained in March but since then we haven’t had the good, soaking rains your plants need to survive.

To thrive they need regular rain showers along with plenty of sunshine. We suggest you water your garden 1 x week. Remember to water at the roots.

Include recently planted trees, shrubs and perennials in your watering regimen. This means plantings from last year or even the year before will benefit greatly. Even well-established plants will benefit from a good drink once a week until we get more consistent natural rain fall.

Enjoy the weather and your gardens!

Thank you.

Sally & John

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