Updating an Overgrown Patio With Boulderetts, Perennials, and a Water Feature

June 19, 2018

These folks had a brick patio with very overgrown and weedy borders.

They wanted a fresh look with a water feature.

After cleaning up the overgrown weeds on the border of the patio, we replanted with site-appropriate shrubs and perennials. Then we began working on the additional water feature.

We used the existing timber retaining wall to create a drop for the waterfall and excavated for the pond. Using over 2 tons of stone and ‘boulderettes’ (small boulders) to create a natural lining for the pond and waterfall, all we had to do was fill it up and turn on the recirculating pump. A natural bio-filtration system with an ion genic anti-algae system keeps the water clear and algae-free.

Additional perennials and bulbs complete the scene.