Transforming a Grassy Bank in West Chester

June 27, 2023
West Chester landscape after planting

These delightful clients in West Chester needed to do something to make a grassy bank easier to traverse while adding plant materials for greater interest, biodiversity and pollinator appeal.  (It is interesting that pollinator appeal translates to people appeal as something is always in bloom).

First we killed off the grass on the whole hillside to create a clean slate.  Next we installed solid stone steps to make it easier for our clients to get down to the driveway.  He had recently had a hip replacement and this was a huge help.

Next boulderettes were punctuated in the hillside for contrast and interest.  Then native Crabapples were planted and over 100 mostly native perennials.  Then spring flowering bulbs were planted for early spring color as well as early pollinator interest.

All areas were then mulched with fine-aged wood chips for a very natural low-maintenance garden.  In other areas, an irregular flagstone path was installed from their rear door to the parking area along with low-voltage pathway lighting.  Also, a path from the patio to the new steps was installed.

Next on the agenda for this year is an upland meadow for less lawn and more biodiversity as well as pollinator appeal.