Replacing an Overgrown Front Garden in Bryn Mawr

May 16, 2019
before replacing overgrown garden in Bryn Mawr


This client originally called us to restore a flagstone walkway that had been disturbed from a gas line installation.  When I pointed out the overgrowth in the front it took her a while to realize that it had been about 20 years since anything had been done – she hadn’t wanted to disturb the birds.

We began by removing old overgrown shrubs and small trees while leaving some large mature specimens to remain as a foil to block the street.

After Replacing Overgrown Garden in Bryn Mawr


We reclaimed about 10 feet of driveway/walkway/parking area that had been lost due to the encroaching groundcover.  Several large boulders were brought in for interest and texture variety.

A fragrant native Magnolia is now the centerpiece with smaller dwarf shrubs, such as Dwarf Rhododendron and Variegated Boxwood, as companions.  Perennials and bulbs complete the new picture.  And, of course, the irregular flagstone walkway has been restored.

With enough larger old growth material, the birds still have plenty of roosting and nesting sites.  Plus, the client now has a more open and welcoming front landscape that changes with the seasons.