retaining wall and garden by Naturescapes This couple inherited an outdated and deteriorating timber retaining wall/landscape along their driveway. Weeds were taller than the remaining shrubs and the area was an overgrown jungle.

After the area was cleared and old timbers removed we proceeded to construct a boulder retainer along the drive.

Midway we constructed a step way to the upper level that was to become a play area for the kids. Biosoil was added and then planted with appropriate material that won’t overgrow the space.

A Garden That Looks Colorful No Matter the Time of Year

Various colored evergreens (‘ever blues’ and ‘ever yellows’) provide interest even in winter. Added to that is an assortment of deciduous material which, with over a 100 perennials and grasses, will offer a changing tapestry throughout the season. Over 1000 bulbs will get the party started in the late winter/early spring. Birds and pollinators are thrilled at the change as are the clients!

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