Plants Favored by Pollinators

May 19, 2021

Bees and other pollinators are under stress from increasing amounts of pesticides, and other pollutants which, if not outright killing them, weakens them so they are more susceptible to natural predators. We all should do what we can to avoid the use of pesticides on our lawns and gardens, plant and provide water sources not only for our enjoyment but also for their survival. After all, their survival means our survival.

Plants favored by pollinators (and are downright enjoyable for us) include:

Shrubs and trees are also important ad include fruit trees and the below:

Providing a water source for our pollinator friends is also important. The other day I saw several dozen bees from my hives at our rear pond lapping up moisture from wet moss next to the waterfall. They also hover around the fountain on our patio.

Let’s do what we can, not only for our enjoyment but also for our pollinator friends’ survival.

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