New Patio, Garden, and Walkway in Collegeville

July 31, 2019

This couple moved back into the area after being away for a number of years.  They wanted a number of things in their new home including a natural patio, front plantings, a walkway out to the street and a wet site planting that would double as a screening from their patio.  Wildlife-friendly material was of great importance to them.

After creating an irregular flagstone patio with matching pathways from the driveway and rear doors we began with the planting.  Mostly natural material was selected with lower material for the front and taller screening material for the wet site/screening areas.  Native willows, Betula nigra “Heritage” (River Birch), Clethra alnifolia (Summer Sweet), Aronia arbutifolia (Chokeberry) and Itea virginica (Sweetspire) will thrive in the wet area with Thuja plicata (Western Arborvitae) providing evergreen screening.

Last on the agenda was the gapped machine cut flagstone path leading out to the front street so visitors won’t have to negotiate wet grass when coming for a visit…