New Evergreen and Deciduous Garden in West Chester

February 13, 2019

After past successful projects we have completed at this family’s home they were ready to address plantings around their parking area.  What existed was a 30-year-old group of Eastern Arborvitae that had been deer browsed for many years. Once these were flush cut and the stumps extracted, the areas had some more room to breathe.

We enlarged the bedded area marginally, added bio-soil (as is our standard) and went about planting a mixture of evergreen and deciduous material.

Now the area is a focal point as they drive in and out of their driveway.  Evergreens provide desired screening from neighbors and act as a backdrop for lower shrubs and perennials planted in the foreground.  This gives a change with the seasons.

The clients are happy with the new look as are the birds and pollinators.