Natural Stone Pathways and Walkways

July 26, 2017

A clear pathway to the doorway of your home creates continuity and definition in your space. It can help keep dirt from getting inside and helps guide guests through your garden.

At Naturescapes, we are committed to using natural materials that blend in with the surrounding environment.

We Use Only Natural Stone in Our Landscaping Projects

We believe that using natural materials yields the best results. These products include irregular flagstone, various sized cut flagstone (or bluestone), tumbled bluestone and flat fieldstone.

The correct product is chosen depending on the look desired by the client and budget. These natural stone products lend themselves to superior results giving a more natural and harmonious look to the natural garden.

Check out these before and after photos for natural stone walkways we’ve completed in the past:

How We Create Custom Steps

Steps (if needed) are either machine cut bluestone steps that give a uniform rise & run to the steps, or natural quarried capstone slab steppers for the slightly less formal.  Of course flat fieldstones lend themselves well to an old world handcrafted look.

Take a look at these staircases we’ve created for clients in the past:

What We Do Not Use

We do not use man made compressed concrete products.  These don’t have the look of old world craftsmanship and do not hold up well over time.  Being smaller units, they have the tendency to shift, sink and more over time.  They also look very institutional.

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