Merion Station Landscaping Job

March 21, 2016

This Merion Station couple live in a charming cottage on a property in Montgomery County.  Their location had several water drainage challenges.

We began by redoing their narrow stepping stone front walkway.  We created an irregular flagstone walkway that was wider with an inviting flare at the front stoop and the driveway.

Next, we removed their obsolete shrubs, transplanted others and added several new ones to give a more inviting appearance.  Perennials and spring flowering bulbs completed the garden.

We addressed the gutter flooding problem with subsurface piping, connecting several downspouts thereby taking the water away from the foundation of the house.  We also created a ‘dry stream bed’ for the water coming from the uphill neighbors that often flooded the couples’ lawn area.

Finally we dismantled failing rear steps and replaced them with capstone slab steps incorporating them into an existing stone retaining wall.  Now the eye is drawn to the rear hillside from the patio for a closer look and investigation.

These clients love the new look and the inviting view we created.