Main Line Patios

Villanova Walkway

Main Line Patios and Terraces

Need a fresh way to enjoy your backyard? Naturescapes has beautiful patio landscaping ideas to let you enjoy your natural environment to the fullest.

Outdoor patios provide years of enjoyment and serve as a central spot for bringing people and nature together. Naturescapes designs Main Line patios that fit your environment and your personal needs. This means all of our patio designs are low-maintenance and easy to maintain throughout the year.

The best patios are developed for long-term use and beauty. Naturescapes also specializes in garden and landscape design, so each patio complements the surrounding landscape, resulting in a beautiful oasis for all to enjoy.

Designing a Dream Patio on the Main Line

When choosing a patio design, you’ll have the option to choose from a variety of materials. Naturescapes typically creates patios with flagstone or fieldstone.

Flagstone is commonly split into three types — irregular cut, thermal cut, and square cut. Irregular and square cut flagstone consist of the same material in different shapes. A thermal cut is a bit thicker and more uniform. Fieldstone is rougher than flagstone and creates a more rustic look.