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For over 40 years, our landscape design company has brought clients on the Main Line well-laid out, high-quality gardens that increase in value and beauty over time. Our goal is to balance our clients’ needs with those of the environment. Our environmentally sensitive gardens require little maintenance throughout the year, so your garden will have year-round appeal without the hassle.

When customers come to us with an idea, we work with them to make their dream garden come to life. With proper landscaping design, your garden will flourish more and more each year, which is why we recommend that our Main Line landscape customers start their gardens today. Over time, our sustainable landscape designs will help to increase your property value

Landscaping Services

Our process is simple. Give us a call today and we can set you up with a free initial consultation. From there, you’ll receive a detailed proposal kit that breakdowns all the details. After we order and collect all the materials for your project, our skilled landscaping team can have your on-site project work completed in a week.

From backyard ponds, to pretty pathways and landscape lighting, we bring you the best in natural landscape design.

We service all of the Main Line, including Delaware County and Montgomery County properties. Some of our service areas include:

Call us today for your free Main Line Landscaping Consultation (610) 640-0164.