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Landscape Design in Wayne PA

Beautiful Stone Walkway Design

Our client moved into a small house in Wayne.  As a single professional woman she wanted her landscape to look great when she came home from work and business trips.  And she wanted a landscape design that wouldn’t require much maintenance.

The first year we cleaned up what was there, eliminating the obsolete material and added feature plants, perennials and bulbs that gave her sequential bloom throughout the year.

The second year we added capstone slab steps in the rear to provide a rustic walkway from her patio to the upper level.  We then landscaped both sides of the steps – again to provide sequential color and winter interest.  In addition, we solved a water problem that had previously dumped rainwater on her patio.

The third year we landscaped the front slope of the driveway, incorporating an existing specimen cut leaf Japanese Maple.  As in the rear we used capstone slab steps, which lead the eye (and foot) toward the upper level and to the rear garden.

Stone Pathway Transformation

These Wayne clients were ready to replace the original builder’s pathway that came with their new home. We lifted the individual pieces of flagstone laid as stepping stones from the driveway and street. We then laid a wider, contiguous, curvilinear pathway utilizing the existing flagstone, much to the delight of not just the clients, but the neighbors as well.

When the new pathway was complete we planted a diverse combination of evergreen and deciduous small trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs to give them many seasons of interest in their gardens. The former pathway area to the street was seeded and in short order became one with the surrounding lawn area. A beautiful landscape design success!

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