Landscape Redesign in Malvern

September 11, 2015
Malvern Landscaping Job

These clients in Malvern, Chester County have lived with their outdated and overgrown front landscape for approximately 20 years. Many plants were not site appropriate and had been sheared repeatedly creating a very artificial, boxy and sterile look.

After ripping out the majority of their front planting we began by improving the soil with a combination of humus and screened topsoil – something we call bio-soil. We installed several specimen plants as befitted the grand entry and the size of the house. Next we added new shrubs to give staggered blooming time, interesting fall colors and varied textures. Perennials and spring flowering bulbs were the finishing touches.

Now the landscape shows off the house instead of hiding it and provides a much more open look with varying textures, bloom times and fall interest. The client confided to me that their security company was concerned that the old landscape gave too many hiding places for would-be intruders.

Not anymore!

In the rear we removed an ailing Kousa Dogwood by their fence along the driveway. We replaced it with a specimen 16’ red Japanese Maple. When we were done further adjusting the area with smaller shrubs the new planting looked as if it had been there for years.

Take a look at some photo highlights from this job:

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