Add Another Dimension to Your Pond With Koi

April 8, 2014

How did your koi fare this winter?

koi pondOur large koi were very special, a gift from a client who moved. Sadly none of them survived this winter.Usually the koi in our ponds (and yours) move very little and survive under the ice that forms on the pond during the cold winter months. This year with power outages (in addition to colder weather), the small heater we use to keep the ice from becoming solid pond must have failed. There may also have been a power surge that added to the stress for these lovely creatures.

We used to look out our upstairs bathroom window and watch the koi play. Sometimes they even kept us awake, frolicking, jumping and splashing. They would come to the surface when we walked by, hoping for a morsel of food. We fed them cat food, which I hope our cats didn’t mind sharing.

Tips for Helping Your Koi to Survive

1. Remove Ice. With spring in full bloom, your pond should no longer be covered in ice. Once winter weather clears out, you want to remove ice as soon as possible without smashing it. This will help the water to warm up much faster.

2. Maintain Healthy Environment. This sounds like a no-brainer, but koi need to be well fed and kept in good conditions throughout the summer. You want to feed the fish as long as possible into the fall.

3. Think Ahead. Before you know it, the brutal winter will be back. Obviously, the weather is unpredictable, but decide if you want to invest in a covering or heating device for next winter.

We have plenty of tips for maintaining your Main Line pond throughout the year. Schedule a Naturescapes consultation today to learn more. 

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