How to Get More Color in Your Autumn Landscape

September 8, 2014

Autumn can be the most colorful time of the year.  Some would even argue that it’s more colorful than spring or summer.  Here are some hints to get more color in your autumn landscape.

As far as shrubs go, most Viburnums put on quite a show for 4 or more weeks during the cooler weather.  Doublefile Viburnum, Winterthur Viburnum, Cranberry Viburnum and many other Viburnums display scarlet, purple, rust and shades of orange in their leaves once the dominant green chlorophyll starts to fade.  In addition, many Viburnums have showy berries (red or purple), which birds tend to love.

Oakleaf Hydrangea is a spectacular show stopper when the leaves turn burgundy/orange and the dried flowers persist on the branch tips.

Winterberry, Beauty Berry and Nandina are shrubs with beautiful berry clusters that often persist well into winter.

For perennials, one has many choices.  Anemone, Sedum, Sheffield Chrysanthemum, Aster, Nippon Daisy, Liriope, Plumbago, Toad Lily are a few perennials that are colorful well into October.  And of course, most ornamental grasses are well known for their fall characteristics.

So, branch out beyond Ornamental Kale and garden Chrysanthemums.  Get some more color in your fall garden that will delight you year after year.

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