How to Dispose of Your Backyard Waste

November 15, 2022

composting yard and kitchen scrapsWhile fall can bring beautiful colors, refreshing autumn air, and the excitement of the holidays being right around the corner, it can also bring a lot of ‘yuck’ to your yard! As all the leaves begin mulching into your yard, it is the perfect time to think about disposing of this backyard waste.

While you can certainly wait for spring planting to do much of the post-fall/winter cleanup, picking up some of the fallen foliage now can help you when the ground begins to thaw, because once the winter snow clears to reveal a layer of leftover fall debris, you’ll be left with quite a bit of trash.

Where Do You Take Your Yard Waste?

Many cities will have designated bins for your yard waste – so checking your specific city’s restrictions and pick-up times will help you start the yard cleanup process. Some of these rules may include bundling sticks and keeping them under a certain weight.  Some local dumpster rental services supply containers specifically for yard wastes, which include yard trimmings, such as grass, tree limbs and branches, weeds, and leaves. This is a simple way to get all your yard waste into one place!

Other Disposal Methods for Your Green Waste

A dumpster service can have the yard waste taken to a composting or mulching facility where the yard waste is recycled. This saves you money since composting facilities charge a flat rate and do not charge based on weight like a typical landfill would. This can even save you upwards of $1,000 when it comes to disposing of large, heavy trees that would otherwise be left in the yard.

compost binsIf you have a little more time, you can consider creating a compost pile. Start collecting garden debris in a plastic garbage bin. Add some soil once you fill-up the bin and a little bit of water to prevent the waste from drying out. Find a spot in your yard that’s a bit hidden, like behind trees, and begin to lay out collected debris. Once spring comes, add a layer of soil every two weeks. Within a few months, you’ll have a great humus that will be perfect for gardening.

Every few months you can use your compost mixture and add it to your garden. It will help keep your plants healthy, especially when you decide to plant new shrubs and trees.

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