Gardens in the Fall

October 30, 2017

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Fall is a wonderful time in the garden. Late blooming perennials (and even annuals) give our pollinators nectar to get them through the winter (or in some cases a tasty last meal). As the days get shorter and the nights cooler the chlorophyll in plant tissues weakens and gradually dies off, exposing the other pigments that were there all along – just masked by the more dominant chlorophyll.

Watch the Foliage Cycle Into Autumn

Coneflower seedheads

Coneflower Seedheads

Seed heads from many flowers, such as thistle, coneflower, sunflower, iris, goldenrod as well as trees and shrubs such as Dogwood, Winterberry and Viburnum feed our feathered friends over the fall and early winter.

In later fall one can clean up a lot of left over stems, foliage and leaves throughout the garden and (REMEMBER TO COMPOST) make room to put in bulbs to cheer us up in the late winter/early spring. An old friend of mine would say that planting bulbs is like planting promises.

Bird Perched on a Seedhead

Bird Perched on a Seedhead

Take in the Changing Scenery

Then relax and watch nature take some time off and become more dormant. Enjoy the open spaces between trees and shrubs, the longer shadows, winter silhouettes, tree and shrub bark and the like.

Put out a bird feeder or two and maybe a suet hanger. The birds will enjoy this and so will you. Remember if you start feeders keep them filled through the winter and early spring.

Enjoy the show!

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