Re-Laying a Garden Path Using Existing Materials in Berwyn

September 18, 2019

Berwyn Garden PathThis couple moved into a house that was ‘decorated’ by some of the tiniest plants imaginable– probably bought on sale at Home Depot. The weeds were much taller than the shrubs and more numerous.

We lifted the flagstone stepping stone pathway and re-laid it, making it significantly wider. To do this, we brought in additional flagstone and mixed it with the existing flagstone of the original pathway, thereby being able to eliminate the gaps. Now, they have an appropriately wide, contiguous walkway that compliments the architecture of their house.

After we brought in a good amount of bio-soil, we proceeded to landscape the front with more appropriate-sized shrubs and small trees.  Perennials (and later bulbs) completed the picture.  Dogwood, Carpe Myrtle, Dwarf Rhododendron, Variegated Boxwood, Knock Out Roses, and Dwarf Summer Sweet are part of the plant pallet.

In the rear, we enlarged their oddly shaped flagstone patio to give them a more generous outdoor room with improved flow.  Everyone was happy with the transformation.