Creating Custom Curb Appeal in Berwyn

May 12, 2023

berwyn flagstone with homeThis client wanted us to do something interesting in his front yard while starting a screening that would block out the road. We were starting with a clean slate.

First, we deposited a large boulder in the middle of the space that could be used for sitting upon or just as a focal point. Next, we created an irregular flagstone pathway around the boulder & through the garden to be. Then smaller rocks were added for accent and interest along with copious amounts of high-quality bio-soil.

Then the major plantings of Crapemyrtle, Western Arborvitae, and other evergreen screening plants were added. The next step was planting smaller shrubs like native Summersweet, dwarf variegated Boxwood, native Sweetspire, Cherry Laurel, and dwarf Butterfly bush. Next, we added numerous perennials for sequential bloom and finally bulbs for early spring color and pollinator interest.

Lastly, everything was mulched with natural triple-shredded hardwood bark mulch. Now our client has many years to look forward to with screening, pollinator interest, and ongoing blooms on trees, shrubs perennials, and spring flowering bulbs.