Creating an Irregular Flagstone Walkway for a Repeat Client

May 29, 2018

Pondless waterfall2017 Backyard Project

Last year, we created a rear pathway out of irregular flagstone for this client. In addition, we planted and added a pondless waterfall.

These elements were tied in with their new deck.

They were so pleased that this year they asked us to do some additional work on the front of their home.

2018 Front Yard Project

First, we removed the old E.P. Henry walkway that was pin straight and put in a new curvilinear irregular flagstone walkway with a sitting area at the front door.

After ripping out most of the old shrubs that were overgrown we put in new, mostly dwarf, material that was more appropriate to the low profile of the front.

Perennials were then added for sequential blooms and later in the fall, we added flowering bulbs to get the show started in late winter/early spring.

We are excited to see how this landscape evolves as the seasons change from spring to summer!