Creating Low-Maintenance Gardens for Lasting Beauty and Delight in Radnor

July 21, 2023
garden in radnor, PA

This client had recently moved into her “retirement home” and wanted to re-do and add on to the plantings for continual interest and beauty.

There were many areas to clean up and remove years of weeds and neglect. Once that was done, new areas were established for new beds & bio-soil and boulderettes were brought in for contrast & retaining purposes.

Ornamental trees such as upright Japanese Maple, cutleaf Japanese Maple, Weeping Blue Cedar & Crapemyrtle were then planted. Many seasonally changing shrubs were brought in such as Summersweet, Sweetspire, Weigela, Hydrangea, Spirea, Red Twig Dogwood. Boxwoods, dwarf Japanese Black Pine, and dwarf Arborvitae were also planted for winter interest.

Perennials and bulbs were next on the agenda for seasonal color and fragrance. Natural organic mulch was the last step. (Be sure to avoid black-dyed mulch.)

Now our client has several low-maintenance gardens to delight her for years to come.