Common Gardening Mistakes and Pitfalls #5: Use of Plants Susceptible to Deer and Rodents

September 2, 2013

deerHere in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have a lot of deer who love to munch on many different plants.  They are willing to dine on almost anything when they are hungry.  Many “deer resistant” plants exist, but there is no guarantee that they will work.  Not even deer fencing is 100% effective.  At some very large properties, the fences designed to keep deer out have actually enclosed whole herds of them.

At Naturescapes, we choose plants that are as deer resistant as possible.  For example, we don’t plant tulips because we know deer love their blooms.  In addition, squirrels and other rodents will also snag the bulbs before winter for a tasty meal. 

A well-tended garden will reward you with many years of pleasure.

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