Turning a Sloped Property into a Terraced Garden

January 16, 2019
Before removing the vegetable garden

Before removing the overgrown vegetable garden

These clients had a front slope with long abandoned tiered vegetable gardens with dilapidated fencing around the front and side of their property.

After removing the old vegetable gardens and the fence we had a clean slate upon which to create something new.

I gave them the option of using pressure treated timbers to create terraces on the front slope, but they decided stone was more to their liking even with the higher cost.

After replacing the vegetable garden with a wall stone terrace and filling it with biosoil

We used 10 pallets of wall stone to create terracing that was then ready to backfill with rich biosoil.

With the soil installed we began planting new site appropriate plants that will grow to create a reduced maintenance garden with year-round interests.

Perennials and spring flowering bulbs further complete the multi-seasonal scene of varying colors and fragrances throughout the year.