About Naturalistic Plants Used in Landscaping

July 26, 2011

DSC22151We use many plants native to southeastern Pennsylvania in our installations.  These trees, shrubs and perennials can be known as “straight species” (naturally occurring plants) or man cultivated native plants called “cultivars”.  These cultivars may offer a better characteristic than the straight species such as different color bloom, smaller size, superior flower or fall color, hardiness, etc.

Other “introduced” species from other geographic areas may be used that have proven to be hardy, have more desirable characteristics, be more deer resistant, add variety, offer great fragrances, etc.

Plants are chosen for evergreen value, sequential bloom characteristics, fragrance, great fall color, winter interest, hardiness and deer resistance among others.  Our motto is “put the right plant in the right location”.

Installations are designed that none of the plants should ever be sheared or trimmed into balls, boxes, ice cream cone shapes or other geometric shapes.  Plantings are designed to grow naturally with only minimal selective pruning needed after several years if ever.

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