A Note on Amaryllis

April 5, 2015

amaryllisWhen we received this note from a pleased customer, we just had to share. Amaryllis can be a difficult plant to care for, but very rewarding as it can actually produce flowers in the middle of winter. Additionally, the plant can bloom again after a dormant period. These are some facts that are good to know when reading the note below. A photo of this specific plant can be found to the right.

Dear John,

My amaryllis is gorgeous!  I have so enjoyed watching it grow and now seeing it against a very snowy window view.  I even have another little bud starting up from the bulb.  After watching all that beauty, the guilt trip begins.  I will try very hard to follow all the instructions so that I may see this beautiful flower again.  I hope you don’t have to come in the spring to save its life.  Thank you for sending this at Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in the spring.


Julie L.

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