A New Garden With a Barrier to Prevent Invasive Bamboo

June 12, 2019
Before installing a new garden


This client had a jungle of overgrown forsythia and the neighbor’s bamboo, which had to be eliminated before anything could be done to provide a more interesting, bird-friendly planting to the uphill portion of their rear yard.  Most of the forsythia was removed leaving only several smaller patches for spring interest.  A barrier had to be installed to keep the neighbors invasive bamboo in check. Then a stump grinder came in to dispatch all the roots.

Now the fun could begin.

After installing a new garden


Dogwoods, Viburnums, Summersweet, Chokeberry, Sweetspire, and others were planted to provide a natural woodland to invite flocks of birds and pollinators.  Western Arborvitae was planted as a backdrop and screening from the neighbors.  Later perennials and bulbs will be added.  The client can watch the trees and shrubs change with each season.