5 Interesting Shrubs for Spring

January 28, 2023

Many people want beautiful, lush landscapes and front yards without a lot of maintenance. Not only do shrubs add green foliage and a gorgeous burst of color, but many people love that they are low maintenance, with many flowering multiple times per season. At Naturescapes, we love giving a variety of options to at-home gardeners. Here are our favorite choices for spring shrubs.  Not only will these make your landscape pop, but they are also less favored by deer.

1. Rhododendron P.J.M.

This lovely shrub is the result of a cross between a native type of Rhododendron and an Asian variety.  It has vibrant pink to purplish small flowers in early spring.  The leaves are evergreen but turn an interesting bronze, red, or burgundy color in fall and winter.  The foliage is also fragrant when rubbed.  Not to be missed.

2. Pieris japonica (Andromeda)

A lovely evergreen shrub with white to pink fragrant flowers in early spring.  Not a native but naturalizes well in the woodland garden.

3. Mahonia (Oregon Grape Holly)

Oregon Grape Holly is native to the west coast.  It has clusters of yellow flowers in early spring, followed by purplish fruit in June.  The foliage is bold and evergreen.

4. Hamamelis (Witch-hazel)

Nothing brightens up the late winter landscape as a Witch-hazel in bloom.  Native to Piedmont, this shrub/small tree blooms late in the winter or very early in the spring for several months.  The “Arnold Promise” variety is often fragrant and perfumes the area on warmer winter/spring days.  Witch-hazel has great fall color.

5. Amelanchier (Serviceberry)

Serviceberry is another native that blooms in early spring with white flowers.  The fruit is edible and appears by early summer.  The leaves have bright color in the fall.  A century ago in New England, the small tree was  the barometer to let people know the ground was thawed enough to bury those who had died over the winter – hence the name “serviceberry.”

Get Springtime Landscape Inspiration

There are many beautiful shrubs that will enhance your natural landscape. Looking to get inspired by shrubs? Take a look at this Media landscape design project we completed for a client, or schedule a free consultation with us today!


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