10 Reasons to Invest in Natural Landscaping

January 18, 2012

A lot of people are not yet familiar with natural landscaping and we are often asked the question, “why should I consider natural landscaping?”  Here are the ten things you should consider when deciding on natural landscaping.

  1. Native plants reduce carbon footprint because they are locally grown and obtained

  2. Native plants restore the natural ecosystem

  3. Native plants offer beauty throughout the seasons

  4. Native plants discourage soil erosion

  5. Native plants are often hardier than exotic (non-native) species

  6. Native plants are often less predated by deer

  7. Native plants are often less susceptible to weather vagrancy

  8. Native plants support native bird populations

  9. Native plants need little to no ongoing maintenance

  10. Once established, native plants often need less watering

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