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Malvern PA Natural Landscaping

Magical Garden with a Soft Serpentine Natural Flat Field Stone Pathway – Landscaping Design Malvern, PA

This client wanted her front garden and walkway to be an enchanting space where she would be constantly delighted by the landscape.  We started by removing the straight concrete walkway and replacing it with a soft serpentine natural flat field stone pathway.  This brought a nice natural look to her Malvern landscape design.

Next we solved her water erosion problem by creating a “dry stream bed” that naturally looked great with the new Malvern landscape, and successfully took care of the huge volume of rain water that her property could receive from uphill properties.

Finally we brought in small trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs that change with the season, providing successive blooming periods, offers fragrance and provided the “magic” she was looking for in her landscape design in Malvern.

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    Thank you John! It looks great! — Bet, Broomall

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