Walkways Wayne, PA

Wayne Walkway and Pathway

Naturescapes specializes in creating Wayne pathways and walkways.

Pathways serve many purposes for a yard. First, they provide a safe and clean path from destination to destination. However, they also add an element of curiosity to a landscape, especially when the walkway curves around hills and corners. They invite visitors to explore the nature surrounding your home.

Naturescapes specializes in flagstone and fieldstone pathways in a variety of cuts including square, thermal, and irregular. We also add other features to our pathways including elegant arbors and capstone steps.

Naturescapes specializes in Main Line walkway design.

A closer look at Wayne walkways

These Wayne clients desired a uniform pathway leading from their driveway to the front door. We used thermal cut flagstone to create a beautiful, clean look. We also decided on a curvilinear shape for the path to add an artistic touch to the otherwise square front yard. Finally, we lined the pathway with boulders to achieve a natural feel.

Overall, this walkway transformed this front yard into one that looks modern as well as organic.

Walkways in Wayne