Pathways Newtown Square

Newtown Square Pathway

Rarely is there a yard or entrance that could not benefit from pathway installation. For one, walkways provide a smooth, safe path for visitors to use without the worry of tripping over rocks, sticks, or uneven ground. Additionally, pathways (especially curvilinear pathways) do a great job of rounding out flat, square properties.

Typically, we install fieldstone or flagstone walkways in varying cuts for our clients. We also install matching step stones and garden designs to enhance the walkway and add something special to the landscape. It’s amazing how big of a difference these small alterations can make.

We also install pathways in Villanova and Chester Springs.

A closer look at Newtown Square pathways…

We’ve worked with these clients from Newtown Square, PA over the years to realize their original and developing landscaping dreams.  We began with planting around their front porch, side and rear gardens, and have continued to transform their entire landscape.

As they altered their home they decided to remove their uniform-looking compressed concrete walk, which we replaced with curvilinear natural bluestone flagstone pathway with bluestone steps. They described to us their dreams of a mostly native landscape that has year-round bloom and appears welcoming to birds. The curves of the new walk allow planting areas on both sides and a way to walk ‘through’ one’s garden.

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