Ten Favorites

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After over 40 years of natural landscape design in Southeastern Pennsylvania, we have selected our 10 favorite native plants. Plants were chosen not just on beauty, but for lower maintenance, fragrance, beauty in all seasons, and ability to survive local pests and predators.

1. Viburnum nudum ‘Winterthur’ (Winterthur Viburnum)


Whereas most of the viburnums are terrific landscape plants with great displays of spring flowers and fall colors, this one really stands out.

Unlike most of its relatives, the Winterthur Viburnum stays quite small, 3-6’ tall with similar width.  White 2-4” diameter flowers are borne in late spring, but the real show comes in fall with vibrant red foliage with bright blue berries which attract many songbirds.

Preferring full sun to part shade, it is adaptable to many soil types, even near streams or water.

With no known pests or predators – what’s not to loves about this viburnum?

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