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Natural Retaining Wall & Stone Stairway – Broomall Landscaping Design

For several years this client in Broomall had numerous landscape companies suggest putting up a plain retaining wall on her steep rear slope (where a failed wall was crumbling).  A plain wall was not what this client wanted.  She wanted it to look natural and evoke a grotto similar to those found in Ireland.

We brought in over 11 tons of boulders for retaining and terracing the steep slope in her backyard landscape.  Then we added a natural slab stone step way that allows the walker to meander down 15 feet.  Below all of this we created an irregular flagstone sitting area with planting pockets surrounding it.  A pond with a trickling waterfall was the ‘piece de resistance’ that completed the overall landscaping transformation from rubble to romance of this quiet hill.

We planted evergreens and sequential blooming shrubs and perennials to invite birds and butterflies to share the grotto.  A collection of ferns was planted in the shadiest areas to further naturalize this unique landscape.

We reworked an old split rail fence to act a hand railing for the steps into the grotto.

Plants designed for privacy were strategically placed for maximum coverage with space allowed for future growth.

The client was and continues to be absolutely thrilled.  “This is beyond my wildest dreams,” she exclaimed.  “This place rocks.”

“This is beyond my wildest dreams,” she exclaimed.  “This place rocks.”

In the front of her home we removed obsolete shrubs, which had been hiding a specimen Cutleaf Japanese Maple – that can now be appreciated for its branch structure and elegance in all seasons.  We created a stepping stone path to a special bird bath the client had wanted to make special for years.  The slope of the front warranted a stacked stone wall around the Cutleaf Japanese Maple that replaced an old concrete block wall.  We added several steps toward the path along the side of the house to make access more fluid.

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