Bryn Mawr Ponds & Waterfalls

Bryn Mawr waterfall and pond

There are not many things as relaxing as watching and listening to moving water trickling over stones. Yet, you don’t need to be hiking in the woods to experience it. Bring those soothing sights and sounds home by installing a pond, waterfall, or fountain in your yard. At Naturescapes, we specialize in finding the perfect water elements to match your yard.

We have the experience to install water elements without creating worry about run-off water or potential damage. In fact, we offer water mitigation services to divert extra water in the proper way.

Bryn Mawr Pond Design

Our landscape designers like to refer to ponds and waterfalls as aquatic gardens because that’s exactly what they are. We can even add fish to your pond to make it a true spectacle, as well as a complete aquatic ecosystem. These aquatic gardens only need to be cleaned out once a year, making maintenance truly minimal. See in our video below just how a professional pond design adds that something special.

We can recirculate moving water into a unique fountain. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes so that there is truly something for every yard. Fountains are true pieces of art that incorporate the natural beauty of moving water. Adding one to your home is sure to improve your landscape, or it will at least be a conversational piece during outdoor get-togethers. Additionally, they’re easy to maintain.

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