Garden Design Newtown Square

environmentally friendly garden design in Newtown Square

Make a long-term investment in the health and beauty of your gardens.

Naturescapes CertifiedNaturescapes specializes in Newtown Square garden designs that exude beauty all year long and require little maintenance. We approach each garden as an individualized project, and we avoid using harmful pesticides.

Our garden designs in Newtown Square provide you with:

Future in Mind

Planting with the Future in Mind

Our garden design will increase your property’s beauty as well as its value.  By utilizing our years of design experience, your new garden will become even more enjoyable year-after-year.

Right Plant Right Place

Right Plant for the Right Place

By deliberately putting the right plants in the right place, we ensure your garden stays healthy and looks great while also keeping maintenance low.  It’s crucial that each plant not only receives enough sun, water, and nutrients, but that it has the room it will need to grow to be beautiful and healthy.

Year Round

Year-Round Appeal

With Naturescapes’ natural style of landscaping, something is always happening. Each season brings something special to look forward to, ensuring you have a beautiful and special garden all year long.

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