Common Gardening Mistakes and Pitfalls #6: Failure to Account for Plant Growth

September 9, 2013

Before, After, 1 YearTake into account how large the plant will grow.  Its growth pattern is usually mentioned on the tags.  A dwarf plant will grow to two-thirds the size of its straight species parent.  Remember, overall growth includes height as well as breadth.  So, plant a spreading Yew far from the pathway, so that you don’t have the urge to chop its beautiful branches as time goes on.  Many builders and homeowners tend to plant too close to buildings, so there’s not enough room for them to grow.  In the beginning you may think your garden looks a little sparse.  Give it time to grow into itself just as you would a small child.

These are a few things to consider in planning your garden project. All of these are key components in every project done with Naturescapes, allowing us to create landscapes that fit our customers’ needs and remain beautiful all year long. We get great pleasure out of helping our customers learn about their gardens.

If you’ve already started a project and find yourself overwhelmed, please contact us. We are professional landscape designers and installers who can help transform your vision into a reality.

A well-tended garden will reward you with many years of pleasure.

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